Venue Hire

How to Hire the Theatre

  1. Apply to the Bookings Manager by email ( ) or by phone (5996-1061) for the dates and times required.
  2. The dates and times at this stage will be temporarily reserved for the Hirer.
  3. Bookings Manager will send out Hiring Contract, Invoice for a $300 no-refundable deposit and an Hiring Agreement.
  4. Signed Agreement, Public Liability Insurance evidence and payment of deposit is returned to Bookings Manager.
  5. Bookings Manager will confirm the booking in writing.

Hire rates apply for a time block of up to five hours for morning, afternoon or evening. No reductions apply for less than 5 hours.
Hire rates charged depend upon the type of organisation (non-profit, educational or commercial) and whether for bump in, rehearsal or show.

The following is a brief outline of some of the rules to ensure the safety of patrons, hirers, users and performers. These must be adhered to at all times.  The Hiring Agreement specifies the details of all the rules.
The Hirer is responsible for the following:

  • Hirer and staff and volunteers must always act in a safe manner and must report any unsafe conditions or activities to the Theatre Operations Manager.
  • Hirer must ensure that no unauthorised persons are allowed back stage.
  • Hirer must ensure that an adequately trained or qualified technician is used to work on the audio or lighting equipment.
  • Hirer must ensure that any changes made to audio and lighting are changed back to the original specifications immediately after the last performance.
  • Hirer should be aware of Fire Safety Awareness and Fire Regulations posted in the Theatre.
  • The Orchestra Pit can only be opened and closed under the supervision of Theatre personnel. This needs to be pre-arranged.
  • The Hirer must clean the Theatre, foyer and all rooms at the end of each hire period. All rubbish must be placed in the external bins and dump master bins provided.
  • The consumption of food and drink (except for bottled water) is NOT allowed in the auditorium and Bio Box.
  • Between the contracted opening and closing times of hire, the Theatre must not be left empty and unlocked and un-alarmed.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the Theatre or on the College grounds surrounding the Theatre.
  • The Hirer will have Public Liability Insurance cover (minimum of $10 million) for their event.

Venue inclusions:

  • 260 seat auditorium
  • Venue Standard lighting rig and console
  • Venue standard audio console and FOH system (see specifications)
  • Kitchen (fridge, pie warmer, instant boiling water unit)
  • The Studio (Large Dressing Room)
  • Green room and two small dressing rooms with mirrors and toilet.

Hire Charges 2016

Charges as listed below are for a five hour block of time, or part thereof.

Not for Profit Organisations (Certificate of Incorporation is needed)

  • Performance – $600
  • Rehearsal  (Dress and/or Technical) – $370
  • Bump-in – $240

Educational Institutions

  • Performance – $795
  • Rehearsal  (Dress and/or Technical) – $425
  • Bump-in – $270

Commercial Organisations

  • Performance –  $910
  • Rehearsal (Dress and/or Technical)-  $460
  • Bump-in – $300

Special Hire Rates

Dance and Calisthenics Competitions that are run over a weekend may apply for a special hire rate.

Technical Staff

  • Operating Technician (Lighting or Sound) –  $45 per/hour
  • Venue Supervisor – $40 per/hour

*there is a minimum 3 hour call per session for technical staff.

Prices are quoted with GST included.

If none of our technicians are hired; a first aid kit must be supplied by hirer.

Operational/supervising: Offers hirer access to venues first aid kit, free use of the 4 two way radios. Further to theses inclusions the technician has access to venue consumables such as light globes, ensuring a smooth event.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change by the Board of Management of the theatre without notice.